Complete vulnerability scanning and security consulting competitively priced with no bloated extra offerings or aggressive up-sales.   Easy pricing with your choice of reporting and followup support.

Comprehensive Internal & External Vulnerability Scans

Valkyrie offers the internal and external scans you need to understand where your network stands from a security standpoint.  More than just the raw data, you get a summary report in English and a full discussion on risks, threats and remediation options.  From scheduled recurring scans with change reports to initial compliance discovery projects, we make sure you know where you stand against the tides of evil.


Nestled along the Rocky Mountains of Colorado, Valkyrie is leading the way with thorough scanning practices, detailed analytics and comprehensive reporting with actionable security recommendations.  Serving small and medium sized businesses for over 15 years, we strive to balance high quality processes and services with reasonable pricing and exceptional service.


For a pain-free quote and project discussion, please reach out to us any way you’d like.  Call us directly at (720) 4762626